Grant Overview

Historic Preservation Partners, Inc. (“HPP”) is a non-profit corporation promoting preservation of historically significant structures. To aid in the preservation and rehabilitation of these older buildings, HPP administers various programs, including the HPP Preservation Grant program.


The Preservation Grant program is funded by the HPP Board in varying amounts from year to year as part of the HPP budget. The resulting grants will provide funding to assist in the stabilization, mothballing, and rehabilitation of historic properties. Stabilization and mothballing grants will address buildings that are in danger of decaying beyond repair or that need help to fund essential maintenance items to prolong the building’s life while the owner develops a viable preservation plan. Rehabilitation grants will help finance small preservation projects that would not otherwise be feasible without outside assistance. The Board may, at its sole discretion, award grants to assist with specific and limited items as part of a larger rehabilitation plan.


Grant funds can be used to stabilize or mothball a building or to cover specific and limited portions of a rehabilitation plan. As noted in National Park Service Preservation Brief 31, stabilization might involve work to protect the exterior from moisture penetration, structurally stabilize the building based on a professional condition assessment, and/or exterminate or control pests such as termites and rodents. Although most grants will focus on stabilization and mothballing, in some situations the HPP Board might approve a grant to help fund specific and limited items of a property’s rehabilitation plan, particularly small projects that would not be feasible without assistance. Additionally the Board will consider grant applications for funding a feasibility study, a structural analysis, or development of a rehabilitation plan for a prospective historic rehabilitation project. The Board also will consider grant applications from local or state historic organizations for educational classes, programs or events. HPP grants will not be awarded solely to match other public or private grant funds.


The HPP Board will review each grant request on its individual merit; however, the grants are intended only for situations where other funding either is not available, inadequate, or perhaps untimely. Grants will be awarded for projects that help retain or recover the original architectural integrity of the property. Buildings should be considered historically or architecturally significant to receive a grant. In considering multiple requests competing for limited funding, the Board will give preference to structures already listed on the State or National Register of historic places; however, such “listing” is not required. While the Board will seek some level of matching funds that demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to the project, in exceptional situations the Board reserves the right to waive that requirement.

HPP grant applicants must demonstrate that the property's continued existence is threatened or its rehabilitation is not economically feasible without grant assistance. This threat must come from forces not within the control of the owner, such as severe structural deterioration or governmental action. Funds will not be provided simply to make the preservation of a property more profitable.

Entities that have an affiliation with HPP are not eligible to receive such grants.


The property owner should complete and submit the application form. In addition to reviewing the application, including all supporting documentation and photos of the building, the Board may require a site visit and an interview with the applicant prior to making a grant award.

Additional copies of the application form or associated documents are available by contacting HPP at:

Richard D. Kready, President
Historic Preservation Partners, Inc.
1200 S. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1375
Phone: 785/290-0072
Web Site:

Please be aware of a street address change after March 10, 2015:

404 SW 9th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66612


If an applicant receives a grant, the Board will notify the applicant in an award letter which states the conditions of the grant and the scope of work to be covered. The property owner then must sign an Agreement with HPP agreeing to carry out the work under the oversight of HPP, and when applicable, must commit to maintain the property including any work or improvements funded by the grant for at least five years or some other period as described in that Agreement. If the property is sold or demolished before the end of the five-year period, the Agreement will require a proportional share of the grant be repaid. After the Agreement is signed, work may begin.